Monika Ardianto

Monika’s Experience

Prior to founding MNA Quality Consulting, Monika Nonce Ardianto is an award winning author for her book “Winning The Audit”, certified quality auditor (CQA) and certified quality manager (CQM) with the guarantee for success in the field of quality/operation for enterprises and corporations of any size.

Though the foundation of her work and professional service catering is centered at Calgary, Alberta, her exceptional command over ISO 9001 quality management has earned her the reputation of a global leader.

Monika has been integrally associated with development and implementation of ISO 9001 quality parameters for over 2 decades. Her professional expertise expands over almost every discipline of quality management, namely:

  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Quality Control Plan Creation
  • Managing Audits (internal, customer and third party)
  • Handling Customer Grievance and Complaints
  • Project Management
  • Product Configuration Management
  • Documentation (Management and Control)
  • And Many more …

Monika specializes in the following areas of management and implementation of quality measures:

  • Determining the course of action, the core indicators of performance and matching them with the quality management system or changing it as per the results from the indicators
  • Improving operation and quality of productivity at multiple sites at the same time
  • Ensuring that the quality standards are followed by suppliers and contractual manufacturers
  • Maintaining quality parameters with audit (both internal and external)
  • Managing product configuration and document control
  • Organizing quality training and awareness program within the organization for employees
  • Paving the way for focus-oriented improvement as per the principles of Kaizen for the shop-floor
  • Identifying the reasons behind non-compliance with standard parameters and introducing corrective measures overcome the limitation
  • Figuring out the systematic approach to solve problem

With respect to her versatile command over different disciplines of quality management, Monika is not only an ISO 9001 consultant but also a professional, who perfectly blends passion with vision to deliver clients with guaranteed success in attaining the objective.

Monika’s excellent contribution in the field of quality management certification has been recognized aptly by the American Society for Quality. She has also been recognized as a VIP member by the Who’s Who of the Stanford for her massive contribution in the manufacturing industry.

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