Our Commitment to clients

We build or remodel the business processes and align the design of the stand-alone or integrated management system with the strategic direction and goals of the enterprise. We improve the visibility and control of your business-focused processes and management system, and help the enterprise attain significant business growth and performance. As a result, you can help differentiate your business from the competition, deliver the right goods and services and meet the demands of your customers for consistency and convenience.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company provides the Building Engineering, ISO Quality Management System, and Document & Data Management consulting services, that guarantee to deliver the project on time and on budget, done by the industry leading professional and published author with proven 100% customer satisfaction, that is accessible to you within 24 hours.

Customized Consulting

We believe a quality solution should be designed to fit a business not the auditor, the consultant or a standard. MNA Quality Consulting focuses first on understanding your business and then designing an approach specifically, uniquely and tailored to fit to your business. We work with the client to mutually agree on areas where MNA Quality Consulting can be most productively employed.

Individual Care

We design, deliver, or maintain the project based upon the specific and desired culture and behavior needs of the client. MNA Quality Consulting provides each client with individual hands-on service and designs a quality system specifically for each client.

Performance-based Solutions

A quality solution should improve the company’s performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction. MNA Quality Consulting design and develop the project system that is easy to maintain, extend or integrate with other aspect of the management system.

Lean Design

We design and deliver the project for each client that is lean and efficient.

Real Value Audit

Our highly-qualified auditors and inspectors take a value added approach to audits. We use internal audits as a vehicle to solicit feedback from staff and to identify efficiency and process improvements. We apply risk assessment, process-based audit plan, customized audit checklists based on ISO Standard and business processes, and comprehensive audit reports that trigger process improvements and eliminate non-value-added activities.

Reasonable Rates

You can count on MNA Quality Consulting to deliver on its promises. We charge competitive rates that appeal to small & medium sized businesses. Prospective clients are offered a free, no obligation, initial consultation on how we can assist them to achieve a competitive advantage using quality. We ensure a mutual agreement to estimate and define responsibilities and form the basis of fixed price contracts. Invoices are sent at agreed-to phases and milestones, and clearly detail the activities our clients are paying for.

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