ISO 9001 QMS Services

Engineering Consulting Services in Calgary, AB

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ISO 9001 Certification Consulting
  • Auditing
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Sub-Contract Quality Maintenance ProgramĀ 
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Training and Workshop

We guarantee you will get ISO 9001 certification if you implement our advice. And we are so confident our services will meet your needs, we offer that unique guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will not bill you. Our focus is on working with businesses and people where we believe we can help, add real value and achieve the desired results. If we can’t help, we will tell you beforehand. If we can suggest another consultancy that would be better for what you need, we will tell you that. If you want your business to reduce cycle times, increase yields, have better quality system, and improve profits, we can help that too.

Why choose MNA Quality Consulting services?

MNA Quality Consulting Team possess a thorough understanding of ISO 9001 standards. Our consultants are often invited to share their expertise at industry conferences and events and are actively involved in associations and boards for professionals in regulated industries. MNA Quality Consulting services delivered by QMS experts with Real-World experience. The Team’s track record in delivering quality consulting services that help both large and small organizations understand and overcome today’s most complex compliance and regulatory challenges is unmatched.

  • Award winning published author “Winning the Audit”
  • Authoring other Winning the Audit book series
  • More than TWO (2) decades of vast experience
  • Global experience in four (4) continents
  • Highly talented auditors with multi sector exposure and experience in implementing quality management certification
  • A thorough analysis of your service/business for the system certification processes
  • Project assessment customized to your requirements
  • Innovative approach to the processes
  • Highly cost-effective projects customized to meet your requirements
  • Totally professional approach with on time completion of projects

MNA Quality Consulting can help your company deal successfully with any size of project, from a large multi-faceted quality initiative to the most specialized task, from the design of a complete quality system through to assistance with its implementation.

Working closely with your staff, we are able to look at your processes objectively to determine your needs and priorities. We tailor our services accordingly using our proven processes and templates to provide a practical, efficient and cost-effective approach to your project.

You will receive excellent customer service and benefit from our strong project management skills as we move the project forward in a timely, cost-effective manner.

We are committed to conceiving, developing and implementing strategies and processes to improve quality and efficiency aligned with your priorities. Our consultants’ excellent project management skills are complimented by their ability to work with the client in utilizing their systems and their personnel to complete the project.

Let us know if you need assistance with your ISO 9001 quality management system implementation and certification project. You will be satisfied with the results and value we deliver to you.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Internal Quality Audit
  • Supplier Quality Audit
  • Contract Manufacturing Quality Audit
  • Warehouse and Logistic Audit
  • Construction Project Quality Audit

MNA Quality Consulting help make excellence performance a habit through effective business process management for real business results. We help your organization develop, implement and improve quality, environmental, and integrated management based upon a process approach as well as incorporating lean management concept and tools to achieve cost effectiveness, waste minimization, business process improvements, enhanced team concept and higher employee morale that helps you increase your bottom line. We deliver:

  • Process mapping
  • Policies, procedures, forms and templates streamlining and improvement
  • Strategic plan / business objectives and KPIs
  • One-stop-shop data analysis and report
  • Project health-check and score card
  • Project quality plan
  • Product development management plan
  • Supplier management
  • Mistake-proofing operation processes
  • Lean management and waste reduction

The MNA QMS maintenance program is ideal for smaller business enterprises who lack a quality department or full time quality professional who is experienced in maintaining ISO 9000 systems. This program is also beneficial for larger enterprises whose resources lack sufficient time.

Consider that the average salary for a full-time professional quality manager is approximately $85,000 or a full-time professional quality coordinator or engineer is approximately $65,000. This is a “no-brainer” for small companies who see the value in outsourcing quality management maintenance with MNA. For larger enterprises, consider having your quality department working some of these mundane tasks where MNA can come in and complete these tasks in far less time.

For example, you have a team of 6 personnel working on an internal audit over 4 days including the development of internal audit report. Using a manager average day rate of $350 ($85,000 divided into an average 260 working days per year = $326.92 per/day) and a coordinator average day rate of $250 ($65,000 divided into an average 260 working days per year = $250.00 per/day); for your 6 employees that equates to 4 x $250 = $1500 x 4 days = $6000 plus 1 day of manager time, which total becomes $6300 (and realistically – there would be much more preparation and follow-up time that would probably double or triple this figure…).

Selecting our Silver Maintenance option from the above menu would be less than your cost. Your scheduled audit would be completed in just 4 days including the summary report by experts (reality is that your employees will be interrupted and time is longer without the same level of expertise) – Your QMS would be operating at peak level – Your quality team is available to do what they normally do – everyone is happy!

MNA QMS Maintenance Programs are flexible and will assist your organization with many tasks, such as internal audits, customer surveys, document changes, system modifications/updates, etc.

For a pre-paid contract, your organization will get time blocked and scheduled up to one year in advance. Each contract is for one year only. MNA will do best to keep you on track. In the event more time is needed you can simply contact us and we can upgrade you to the higher program at the same rate within the one-year time frame.

Maintenance Programs are applicable to Small Companies up to 100 employees with ISO 9001 QMS.

We provide 3 types of Maintenance Programs :

  • Silver Maintenance Program
  • Gold Maintenance Program
  • Platinum Maintenance Program

Talk to us and we would be happy to answer your questions and provide quotation. 

We provide comprehensive audits of your sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers across a wide range of disciplines including manufacturing, primary processing, engineering, project management, distribution /logistics and many others. Our audit practice can provide the rock-solid assessment and audit your organization, customers, suppliers, investors and regulators require. We offer Auditing services that deliver tangible business results for our clients & their customers. We will undertake the required audits on your behalf and prepare detailed audit reports and non-conformity reports. We deliver:

  • Supplier pre-qualification
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Development
  • Supplier Audit/Assessment
  • Supplier Monitoring and Appraisal

MNA Quality Consulting offer a large range of online, in-house and classroom training, workshops, and much more. We provide your organization with expert and in-depth knowledge to enable your personnel with knowledge/learning preservation and skill-set enhancement leading your organization to a competitive edge. 

Following courses/seminars are offered:

  • Winning The Audit
  • Introduction Quality
  • Quality Management for Executives
  • Quality Management Awareness for Employees
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Implementation
  • ISO 9001:2015 Transition Implementation
  • ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditing
  • Building Strategic KPIs
  • Non-conformance Management
  • Corrective Action Management
  • Waste Reduction
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Supplier Quality Auditing
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Poka-Yoke (Mistake-Proof) Concept
  • Systematic Problem Solving Process

Please contact us for assistance with your training needs.