ISO 9001 QMS

certification consulting program

Silver Program – Do-It-Yourself

We provide all of the documentation templates, expert guidance, and professional support you need to earn ISO 9001 certification.

This entry level program includes providing editable manuals and procedures templates that will be converted and customized according to your company needs. We will then review the customized documentation (quality manual, procedures manual, and required forms). The review will be done off-site. This program also includes a training program. All consulting and training work is performed off-site or on-line to keep expenses down.

This is an ideal solution for small organizations on a tight budget, have an experienced quality person who has experience in implementing a quality management system, and you:

        • Want to do most of the work yourself
        • Just need some experienced help and guidance
        • Want good advice on the most effective route
        • Want someone available in case of need

We can help you by :

        • Analyzing your current gaps
        • Help you develop the project plan
        • Verifying at agreed intervals to review progress & keep you on track
        • Giving advice and practical solutions to problems
        • Reviewing documents some/all of your internal audits

Gold Program – Shared-Works

This Gold program includes on site visit for information gathering, conducting interviews, and getting better acquainted with your operation. You will receive an upfront Gap Analysis with written report if necessary and foundation of required records started.

This solution is a great starter solution for small organizations;

      • On a limited budget,
      • Has lack of resources and time,
      • Want to get there fast,
      • Need an expert to ensure your success.

We can help you by:

      • Conducting a Gap Analysis and provide recommendations to close the gaps
      • Develop a project plan and milestones
      • Developing some/all of your quality documents; provide templates and examples.
      • Overseeing the project to make sure it happens
      • Periodic progress check-ins
      • Providing solutions to problems or blockages your internal audits.

We will combine both on-line and on-site visits and training depend on the company’s budget. Depending on the work scope, we will train your personnel to conduct internal audits and if time permits assist you in starting an actual audit. In addition, you will receive several on-site visits. This program also includes up to 6 months of follow-up technical support.

Platinum Program – Done-4-U

This is our full service program which typically include onsite training at your facility. Our MNA Team will work with you together to fully customize a complete Quality Management System. The scope of work can be entirely customized for you. The consulting deliverable will be customized and based on your needs and level of comfort.

This is by far the most complete solution for medium organizations with a number of different departments and personnel or smaller firms that are simply too busy and lack resources and time to implement the system. It is also the finest service we can offer and is ideal for busy companies who have few resources or under pressure to become certified without any issues in a short time frame.

Here’s our services you can expect for this Platinum Program:

    • Gap Analysis
      • Desktop review
      • On-site visits
      • Gap analysis report and recommendation
    • Project Plan
      • Preliminary project plan
      • Establishing Milestones
      • Detail project plan and Gantt chart development
    • Project Launch and Communication
      • Assist in Employee Charter
      • Assist in developing newsletter to internal and external stakeholders
      • Assist in creating banners
      • Assist in regular quality communication / quizzes
    • Training
      • Executive awareness
      • Employee awareness
      • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements
      • Creating a world-class quality management system
      • Internal quality auditor
      • Winning the audit
    • Documentation
      • Update/develop Quality Policy
      • Update/develop Quality Objectives
      • Customized Quality Manual
      • Customized Procedures
      • Customized Work Instructions
      • Customized Forms, Templates, and Checklists
      • Document Master Register and Control
    • Internal Audit
      • Audit program, plan and schedule
      • 1st and 2nd internal audit
      • Internal audit report
      • Internal audit findings summary and presentation
      • Assist with any necessary corrective/preventative actions
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
      • Assist in departmental and personal metrics selection
      • Assist in developing KPIs
      • Establish required records and data analysis
    • Management Review
      • Assist in developing management review inputs
      • Assist in conducting the management review
    • Certification Audit
      • Assist in selecting a Registrar
      • Assist during all audit stages
      • Assist in any write-ups and improvements, if any
    • Complimentary on-line technical support/coaching one (1) hour per week up to the next 6 months after certification.

MNA has highly skilled auditors and trainers. This Platinum program will typically include onsite training at your facility.

Our team will begin by getting familiar with your facility. (Solutions vary and this can be done on or off site.) We will then work on the customizing of all necessary documentation (i.e. – Quality Manual, Procedures, Forms, Flowcharts, Work Instructions, Checklists, etc.). The idea is to simply create what you need and to use anything that you may already have in place and do what it takes to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

We will train all pertinent staff on implementation of the QMS to assure 100% compliance. Our on-site training is always customized to suit your needs. Schedules will be worked out to accommodate multiple shifts and/or locations. If necessary, we will conduct training on the Quality Manual for every employee in your facility. For top management and key supervisory personnel, we will continue with comprehensive training on implementing procedures and work instructions. We will also conduct Internal Audit training for those who need it. Each person who completes this training will receive a certificate. Upper management will be shown how to conduct a proper management review. If you are preparing for certification readiness we can also assist you in conducting your first internal audit, management review, and anything else necessary to assure that you will pass. We stand behind our work 100%.

Our goal is to provide you with a system that mirrors what you do. One that is highly efficient, streamlined, and less expensive to operate to.

Program Comparison

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