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Supplier Quality Auditing

Who are your best suppliers and why? Is it because they have the best on time delivery and or price? Can you prioritize your vendors from best to worst based on solid risk and performance data? You may not be in a position to know what level of risk they are exposing you too. We can help correct that situation. Our independent audit will clearly outline where your vendor risks occur. Whether it is their systems, tools, processes, their sourcing, culture and or skill sets. You will clearly see the great job or the unacceptable risk they bring to your organization.

MNA Quality Consulting also conducts onsite supplier audits on your behalf to insure suppliers have the ability to support your business and are conducting themselves in accordance with your requirements. Supplier audits are an effective tool for monitoring supplier performance as well as for mitigating the inherent risks associated with the contractual relationships with your suppliers.

MNA Quality Consulting can pinpoint problems and their solutions ensuring that your suppliers’ facility or operations meets your requirements. All audit findings are presented in a detailed supplier audit report, prepared in our own format or conformed to yours.

Our comprehensive audit checklists are covering the exact audit area. Instead of getting a general outline report, MNA Quality Audit supplies a thorough audit report containing checklists, audit findings, concerns, general discussion on the overall program, and recommendations for improvement. We will structure and maintain all Internal Quality Audit Records, document effective problem statements for each Audit Non-Conformance to ensure effective corrective action, and provide a comprehensive supplier quality audit report on-time

Our auditors employ the following techniques :

      • Evaluate plant equipment
      • Interview personnel
      • Review organization and procedures
      • Obtain references
      • Observe the company culture and organizational behavior
      • Formulate data, evaluates data, and offer final recommendations to our clients.

MNA Quality Consulting can also provide you with third party supplier/subcontractor audits for:

      • Fabricators
      • Packagers
      • Labelers
      • Distributors
      • Warehouses
      • Raw material suppliers
      • Wholesalers

To supplement your Supplier Quality Management needs, MNA Quality Consulting can provide you on an as needed or full-time basis, auditors to perform the following:

      • Pre-award Surveys
      • Supplier Audits

Talk to us and we would be happy to answer your questions and provide quotation.