Raymond Aaron - New York Times Best Selling Author

"Monika’s Winning The Audit helps quality professionals focus their accomplishments and provides clear direction on how to take the company to the next level. I am happy to say that I have no doubt that Monika’s advice and career expertise are key components in allowing you and your company to make it to the top of the pile. This is a mandatory read for everyone interested in Quality Audits."

Dr. Mohamed Abousalem P.Eng., M.B.A. - CEO of TECTERRA Inc., Canada

"The real value of Ardianto’s approach is her ability to bring her operational experience down to the simple ingredients of a successful recipe. If you are a CEO, COO, product development executive, operations executive – or a business professional who just wants a fresh look at the right approach for implementing and winning a quality audit process, read this book!"

Franklin Kurniawan Lim - VP, Operations of Xenon Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

"Most of the books related to quality system and audit that I’ve come across tend to be monotonous. So if you are looking for practical, easy-to-read, and tried-and-tested approach and tips to guide you to be successful in your quality audits, this is the book I’d highly recommend."

Brent Grazman Ph.D. - VP of Quality of a leading multinational electronics manufacturer, USA

"Many treat an audit like a Doctor’s appointment—with a minimum of preparation and a sense of resignation. Ms. Ardianto gives a collection of practical advice for preparing for and managing the “getting audited” process that can help eliminate the roadblocks to achieving compliance."

John Bohlke - Sr. Director, Corporate Administration at Hemisphere GPS, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"Monika was a very effective manager of the quality system at Hemisphere GPS. Her expert experience, knowledge and organizational skills improved quality results, processes and ensured successful audits. Monika’s attention to streamlining the quality system, setting strategy and her consistency of achieving the quality goals was a great benefit to the company."

Dr. Michael Whitehead - VP Technology at Hemisphere GPS, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"As Quality and Configuration manager, Nonce was responsible for company quality policies and for meeting ISO 9001 compliance. She is a hard worker, gets along exceptionally well with people, and is success driven. She helped mentor people to assure we met the ISO standards. She is a valuable asset and I highly recommend her."

Mike Pratt - VP Finance & Admin / VP Corporate Operations, Hemisphere GPS Inc., Canada

"Nonce is an extremely dedicated and organized individual with a passion for advancing a company’s quality management systems and a desire to embed this quality thinking throughout the organization. Dedicated and positive in her approach to tasks and the people she interfaces with and manages."

Phil Goldring - OPTI Canada, Long Lake, Canada

"Nonce is hard-working, detail-orientated, and easy to work with. She has an analytical mind and a keen eye. Her contributions were a definite asset to the Turnover Department at Long Lake."

Paul Tobin - Field Engineering Lead Nexen Energy ULC, Canada

"Monika is the definition of “See it, Own it, Solve it, and Do it”, she is a great team player and is getting Nexen closer to our C2 results. Great job..keep up the good work."

Ronald Singh - SmartPlant Administrator Nexen Energy ULC, Canada

"Monika is now starting on the DRU Project and is working hard to fully understand the processes established within SPF and specific for this project. Monika is going above and beyond my expectations in this new role, contributing to placing Nexen as a Top Quartile Oil Sands Developer."

Darren Shuparski - Mechanical Superintendent Nexen Energy ULC, Canada

"Monika believes in being the best and going that extra mile to fix a problem owning it."

Paul Anderson - President & CEO OmniSync Clean Technology Ltd., Canada

"Monika has developed DRU Master Drawing List that enabled synchronization all requirements and improved access. I feel you demonstrate the best in class and that win together with your wonderful personality."

Mayka Pavlicek, CRSP, NCSO - H&S Advisor & Consultant, Owner of Checktech Services Ltd., Canada

"Monika, you are always the best and you are definitely a team player. Just keep doing what you are doing. We need more of YOU! Come out on inspection with me."

Kevin Carswell - Director at Carswell Enterprises Ltd., Canada

"Monika definitely set high expectations for herself to deliver quality work in a timely manner to the team. This work ethic will set a path to ‘Be The Best’ and in turn the team will ‘Win Together’."

Jay Chopra - President – CAE Technologies Inc., Canada

"Monika puts together all her experience and knowledge in a book around Quality Controls using simple to understand words and examples on how to enforce quality and project executions. By doing this, you have positively sharing knowledge that allows to win together."

Rich Kanasyc - Owner, NeWest Fire & Safety Inc.

"In the last couple of years Andrew and his team have provided us great service with Engineering and Design of Fire Alarm and other systems for our customers. We appreciate that they were able to deliver their professional services on short notice and in challenging environments. We look forward to working with Andrew and his team in the future."

Norman Lalonde - Quality Manager – Nexen Energy ULC, Canada

"You provide exceptional support to the DRU Construction Management Group. Your continued support will help ensure the success of the Project."

Kevin McKale - Ready for Operations Lead Nexen Energy ULC, Canada

"Monika ensures she is part of the solution and is an active listener which helps us attain the cultural beliefs. Monika is working at high level and is exceeding expectations for her role."