ISO 9001 QMS

warehouse & logistic audit

Warehouse and Logistic Audit

For the company placing high priority on quality control, the purpose of the warehouse audit is to be certain that the quality standards established elsewhere in the organization are maintained at the warehouse. The warehouse needs to keep product quality consistent to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers as essential as it is when the products are still in the manufacturing.

The requirements are extended to outsourced warehousing, storing, and handling / logistic partners to meet the above objective, by identifying programs / procedures which will help ensure on-time delivery to customers as well as protect product safety and quality, prevent product retrievals, consumer complaints, and rework.

The process of auditing warehouse performance is sometimes ignored and frequently misunderstood. It is far more than a practice of giving grades or dispensing discipline. It is more than bench-marking, though comparisons may be part of the process.

Warehousing is deceivingly simple. Many believe that the function is so basic that any manager can run an effective warehouse, but when the operation does not run smoothly, they do not understand why.

We audit warehouse performance to get an early warning of trouble, to facilitate the search for best practices, and, to create an audit trail that records progress in improving the utilization of space and time.

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